DIY Y-necklace

The y-necklace is a classic form of necklace and it is not so difficult to make when you have learned how to make eight numbers and close boxes. Let your imagination get wings and create your own personal version of the classic necklace.


This you need to make to make a y-necklace

  • Round
  • Tip flat pliers. Like two if you are working with boxes.
  • Bidtang (you can find pliers here)
  • Jewelry wire. If you are missing we have something right here.
  • Chain. Be aware that the wire should be able to go through the chain's joints. Here Can you find chains to make a necklace off.
  • Possibly. Open boxes. Here you must also be aware that they must be able to go through the chain's joints. We have a good selection of boxes Here in the webshop.
  • Pearls or gemstones. If you are missing glass beads, freshwater pearls, jewelery pearls or other pearls we have a rich selection here. Here you will also find
  • Lock and jump ring.


How to make a y-necklace 

There are many ways you can make a Y-necklace. Here in the video, Can you see an example of how it could be done. But don't be limited. You can make all sorts of combinations of chain, woolen and joints with wireWrapping. Here in the video they use a special tongue to stretch the wire. It is not necessary unless your wire is very curly. Likewise, the curved flat tip rod, they also do not use indispensable. It can easily be replaced by a regular flat tip rod.



As you can see in the pictures below, the design for a Y necklace can go in different directions. These two examples are both made with eight -wire (wireewrapping joints) and woolen. 

Really good pleasure in making your own great y-necklace.




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