Hair buckles

Would you like some new and exciting hair clips? Try and take a look here, because we have many nice hair clips that are a little out of the ordinary. If you would like a hair buckle that is more than just a practical accessory, then we have more good options in the range.

Make something out of your hair clips

A hair buckle is a real everyday thing that you just put in your hair when you go out the door, but it can also act as a piece of jewelry that really contributes to your look.

In our selection we have both ordinary hair clips that are good to have lying down, and more special hair clips that you can take out when you want a hair clasp out of the ordinary in the hair. If you love pearls, then we also have a series of hair clips that you should look into. A hair clamp with pearls gives a great effect in the hair, which gives elegant style right away.

Hair buckles with character

We think hair clips are a form of accessory that is slightly underrated. With your hair clamp you can walk in the directions of the world because it sits a more discreet place than regular jewelry. You can therefore be much more daring with your hair clips if you would like to spice up your look. You can go for both the pearl -studded hair clips that can go to any party dress, or colorful and festive hair clips if you have a more modern and young style or you just want to make a festive impression.

There are plenty of options, so take a look at our selection of hair clips and find your favorites. You can order hair clips and our many other articles within Hair decorations Here on the site, and then we will send your order off as soon as possible.

Why should I go with hair buckle?

By walking with a hair buckle you can add a nice piece of jewelry to your hair while you can quickly get your hair up. The span can either be used as a decorative or practical element or as both at once, because with hair clips the possibilities are many.

What does hair buckle cost?

At Beadhouse we sell a wealth of hair clips at prices from around 25 to 50 kroner. Here, the price of hair buckles and not least their utility makes them ideal as an accessory to the hair when you want to do something more than just put it up with an elastic.