Tools - Storage

It is steering to keep track of its pearls and jewelry loose parts. Therefore Beadhouse found the finest storage boxes to sort your pearls in.

We have made sure to have storage boxes where the beads are not mixed together .

Storage solutions for pearls and jewelry parts

When working with pearls and jewelry parts, it is important to keep track of things. That's why we offer practical storage options here on the site.

You can choose between storage boxes with multiple compartments or small boxes to store your beads and parts. It makes it easy to organize your work and keep track of the different pearls and jewelry parts.


Save time and avoid trouble

The right storage equipment can save you time and trouble. You don't have to mess through a pile of pearls to find what you're looking for.

Our storage solutions are especially good for small pearls and jewelry parts as they allow you to organize the as you please.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will appreciate the extra time and convenience our storage options can give you.


Need small pearls or jewelry parts?

In addition to storage, we also offer a wide selection of Small pearls and Loose parts , which you can use for your jewelry projects.

Whether you are looking for certain colors, shapes or materials, we have something to suit your taste and style.