Chain earrings

With our ear chains you can make the finest earrings. We have ear chains of sterling silver and gilded sterling silver in different lengths and of different kinds of chain .

Create unique ear chains with pendants and pearls

Add a finished pendant or make your own pendants to the ear chains with Pearl sticks And some of our fine gems or gemstones. 

Whether you want to use a finished pendant or create your own, we have the necessary equipment to realize your vision among our Loose parts.

See this little one Videotutorial If you want to see how to make a pendant to hang on the ear chain. 


Should i use an ear chain with open or closed jump ring?

If you need to make an earring where you already have a small pendant with closed jump ring, you want to hang onto the ear chain, use an ear chain with open jump ring to be able to get your pendant on.

Open gently the woolen with one or two flat pointed rods, hang your pendant on and close the wool again.

Do you want to try to make a small pendant with eight-tuned technique, you can both Use ear chains with open and closed boxes.

If you choose an ear chain with a closed jump ring It is important that you get your pendant on the woolen before making the windings on the eight -time number.