Sustainability is important to us in Beadhouse. We have an interest in acting responsibly for reducing our environmental impact. We are aware that we cannot save the environment alone, but believe that we all, private and businesses, young and old, have a responsibility to help do what they can to preserve the earth and its natural wealth. If everyone does it a bit they can, it makes a big difference.

“Sustainable development is a development that meets current needs without bringingthe possibilities of future generations at risk of meeting their needs ”

(Brundtland 1987)


Since the store opened in 1979, large purchases have often been made to ensure the flow of goods and to achieve good purchase prices that will eventually benefit customers. This has resulted in a large vintage/residual storage of all sorts of products that we still sell and daily use to create our own designs. We quality test the old items by checking, among other things, whether old cords have become tender or whether the metals contain nickel, which was not legally regulated until 1990. The jewelry and jewelry materials are also tested by physical testing on body over time.



Since 2018, we have largely sorted cardboard, plastic, paper, glass, batteries and other hazardous waste because we thought it was the right thing to do.

Now, with the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment's Waste Executive Order, which comes into force on July 1, 2023, we have expanded our waste sorting so that we sort cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal, food waste, batteries, hazardous waste and residual waste.

In the near future, we will also sort food and drink cartons so that we can fully follow the requirements.

In the coming year, we will also start looking at how we can advise and help our customers get rid of the waste we generate. We will start a collection of broken jewelry of brass and sterling silver, which can then be refined and entered into jewelry production or other, afterwards.



So often we can buy in with conscience. We do this by always being looking for quality, after goods where the manufacturer has sustainability high on the agenda as well as by working with local suppliers.

See our bracelets and necklaces of sterling silver and gilded sterling silver, pruduced in Spain of certified recycling silver and gold or our delicious clenching from Italy, made of plastic from the oceans.

Recycled Metal's Statement (PDF)


Good quality increases the durability of the jewelry. For example, a good gilding extends the time period you can use your ring or your hoops of gilded sterling silver. The life cycle of the jewelry is extended in line with increasing quality.

We prefer to collaborate with local suppliers and manufacturers. both To help create an economically healthy and sustainable trade in Denmark but also to reduce our participation in child labor, in supporting totalitarian regimes and in general trying to maintain a high human and environmental ethics around our purchases.



Beadhouse Has been repairing customers' broken jewelry for decades. This is also part of our thoughts on sustainability. The store is from 1979, from a time when they did not use and threw away, but tried to repair jewelry to extend their lifetime. We continue this tradition and repair approx. 200 jewelry for our customers so that they can be worn several years to come. We are not equipped as goldsmiths, but can easily save a broken silver chain by adding a small joint joint or a pearl chain by approximating it or adding a new lock. However, repairs are only received in our physical store in Vendersgade, as it often requires a little dialogue to reach the best solution.



In 2023 we were renovated in our physical store. On that occasion, old fluorescent lamps and electric bulbs were replaced with LED lights. The energy savings this entails means a reduction of our CO2 emissions.



We want to meet our employees where they are. This means that if we are happy with an employee, we will go to great lengths to keep this employee. We are happy to adjust the position continuously in relation to the individual's needs and competencies.

There are many examples, in Beadhouse, that this practice is part of our policy. We have staff who have traveled, been on a college stay, have looked after chronically ill child or have had mental challenges that have made them not fit into a regular 37-hour job.

IN Beadhouse Is there room for diversity… ..Als also behind the curtain. We hold 30 employees, both Men and women aged 14 to 57 years. Everyone's number of hours is adapted to their special needs.



The boxes we use for shipping our goods from the webshop are Danish -produced and made in FSC certified cardboard. FSC marked is a benchmark at all when we buy paper products, both to store, shipping and office.

Many of our small storage bags in the store and in stock are made of sugar cane and are biodegradable. We are constantly working to find more sustainable solutions in this field.


We support

-NaturDonor 2023, Danish Nature Conservation Association

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