Toe rings

IN Beadhouse do we do something out of having a wide selection of jewelry and of course we have Toe rings.

Garnish your delicious summer -ready feet with a nice detail in the form of a Toe rings. With it on, your jewelry outfit will be complete.

One Toe rings is a fantastic delicate piece of jewelry that highlights your toes and feet, and which between the lines tells the world that you are a proud and aesthetic being standing by your body from head to toe.

Our Toe rings is all made of sterling silver and are open at the rear. Sterling silver is flexible and you can therefore customize our Toe rings In size so they sit well on your toes.

Try something new and complete your look with one of our Toe rings.


Carry jewelry from top to toe

If you love jewelry but you may not have dared to go beyond the most common forms of jewelry, earrings, Necklaces and bracelet, then you should treat yourself to a Toe rings. With Toe rings In either gold or silver you can create a whole in your jewelry and accessories, and you get the opportunity to really express your joy to the aesthetic.

One Toe rings In gold is timeless

You can find Toe rings In the designs of the world, so you have every opportunity to find the one or they Toe ringsthat fits your taste and the expression you would like to achieve. One Toe rings In gilded sterling silver is extravagant, but at the same time also subdued because the gaze is not directed at our toes so often. One Toe rings is therefore like a surprise, a little feminine trump that you can put in. The gilded glow goes excellent to the color of the skin and we can only recommend that you try one or more Toe rings, there are gilded.

Toe rings in sterling silver

If you are into the cooler, Nordic style, then it might be the clear glow of silver that your toes should be adorned. One Toe rings In silver is feminine in a minimalist way that may be the right thing for your personality and taste. Find the perfect balance between materials and motifs and there will definitely be one Toe rings, for which you will fall flat.

Find your next Toe rings with Beadhouse

You can take a closer look at our different Toe rings Here on the site and you can quickly order home in our webshop. You are also more than welcome to look past our shop in Copenhagen K, where you will find a huge selection of not just Toe rings, but also by many other jewelry and pearls.

Why buy one Toe rings?

Rings not only need to be limited to sitting on the hands, for too Toe rings can be used as decoration. By buying Toe rings Can you wear jewelry from top to toe, and especially in the summer when you have your feet up and Toe rings Absolutely ideal to complete the look.

What does one cost Toe rings?

The price of Toe rings varies according to material and design, and at Beadhouse Do you find several different great Toe rings At affordable prices. Our selection consists of Toe rings At prices from around 60 kroner, so you can easily decorate your toes, whether summer or not.