Welcome to Beadhouses page with fabric. Here you will find a wide selection of string, chain, wire and thread for jewelry making.

Our assortment is selected through 40 years of experience and thus well thoroughly tested .

Choose the right leash for your jewelry project

When designing a piece of jewelry, whether it is a pendant on a string, a pearl chain, a woven or a clenched pearl bracelet, it is important to use the right leash for your work.

It is crucial to the aesthetics of the finished jewelry and also for durability and functionality and for how comfortable it is to carry the jewelry.

Sustainable leash of plastic from the ocean

One of the latest shots on the stem in Beadhouse Is a bonding of plastic from the sea. Isn't it great that sustainability has also found its way to the jewelry world? At least we are excited and think it is a cool product.

We have it in many beautiful colors and it is color -resistant, so it doesn't quickly fade in the sun, as a cotton cord would do. It is available in the thickness of 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.5 mm.

It is super strong and ideal for tying with or using as a leash around the neck. The ends of our plastics of plastic from the sea can be gently melted with a lighter so that they do not floss.



Wirewrapping is a technique where you turn one thread around another. It is a good technique to be able to make the most beautiful jewelry with the technique and you only have to use metal wire, possibly one or more stones and/or pearls, round pliers, flat pliers and tongs.

There is a universe of options with the technique of wirewrapping both for beginners and the more practiced. You can both Low neck rings, finger rings, bracelets, bracelets and earrings with this technique.

If you have never tried to work with wirewrapping before, it may be a good idea to start with a cheap metal wire so you just get it taken. Good luck with your next jewelry design!