Chain extenders

Discover our selection of chain extenders that allow you to customize the length of your jewelry in a simple and stylish way .

Make your jewelry flexible with a chain extension

A chain extension makes your jewelry more flexible. Replace the woolen at the end of your necklace or your bracelet with a chain extension and you will have a piece of jewelry that can be used in several ways.

With a chain extension you can easily style your necklaces as you can decide where on the chain extension, the lock is fixed. A chain extension can also give a more finished and exclusive look to your handmade jewelry.

See our selection here on the page and if you are missing locks that fit you you can find them here.


What material should the chain extension be in?

If you would like a chain extension that lasts for a long time, buy our chain extenders in sterling silver or gilded sterling silver.

If you are more into quick replacement of jewelry and would like to renew your jewelry box several times a year, you can use our chain extenders of gilded or silver -plated brass that cost less.


How is a chain extension mounted?

Our chain extenders have at the end an open jump ring. You can open this jump ring with two flat rides And put it on your necklace to extend it by up to 6.5 cm.

Remember to open jump ring With a movement where one hand moves backwards and the other hand forward. If you open the woolen by dragging the opening apart by pulling outward losing the woolen both its shape and its resilience.

If you need to mount the chain extension on a pearl chain with thread, you can pull the thread through the last jump ring. If the thread is very thin, you can use French wire so that the thread does not slip out of the opening of the island.