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Is it a beautiful necklace, with delicious details and a low price you are missing? Then it is undoubtedly one Bijouterie-The necklace you need to find.

Our Bijouterie Necklaces are made of glass, ceramics, seashells and various metals such as brass, copper, aluminum and zamak, which are upgraded with a gilding or silver.

Do you know Bijouterie-halsmen?

The word Bijouterie comes from the French word for jewelry but Bijouterie is a very special kind of jewelry that emerged in France at the beginning of the 20th century. It was jewelry that was not made of expensive metals and stones, but which was nevertheless made with great details and a fine ingenuity. A necklace in the style Bijouterie is to pay, but you get a lot to look at anyway. It is therefore a great piece of jewelry for everyday life where you do not want to worry about losing your most precious jewelry.

We have a number of necklaces in the category Bijouterie, and you can see most presented here on the site. Explore necklaces that are surprisingly cheap when considering their great design. Bijouterie Is great and so are these necklaces.

Necklaces of many different kinds

Have you found your favorite among our Bijouterie-halsmen? Put it in the basket and then try to look at our other Necklaces. You can find a little bit of each, so almost no matter what look and style you are looking for, you have good options for finding a necklace that can fit well.

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We love all the beautiful and you can therefore also find an impressive range of beautiful gems and other Pendant, which you can use to make your own jewelry. If it appeals to you, take a look at the page. We have a lot more than Bijouterie-Halsker on the program, so you can make a bigger order if you would like more new jewelry and decorations in your life.