Various other pearls

If you love pearls you've come to the right place. Beadhouse Has a long history as a niche shop specializing in pearls, loose parts and jewelry.

On this page you will find beads in acrylic, glass, ceramics, plastic and many other materials. Check out our selection and get inspired for your next pearl project .

What can you do with our pearls?

The beads you find here on the site are good at making jewelry that stands out from the crowd.

By mixing pearls in your very special way and maybe adding some of our small glass beads you can make one unique piece of jewelry after another.

If you need loose parts, elastic cords or other to complete your next pearl project, we have it all here in our webshop.


How many beads do you need?

It's a good idea to make a calculation before you start on your jewelry so you both Am sure you have bought enough materials but also that you do not buy too much, you will then lie down and collect dust. Notice the goals we have written under the individual products.

A calculation could look like this if you want to make a necklace with lock and jump ring of beads measuring 3 mm. The final length of this chain will be 40 cm.

Lock: 9 mm

The Equest: 5 mm

Clamping beads: 4 mm

Total loose parts: 18 mm

40 cm - 18 mm = 38.2 cm = 382 mm

Each pearl measures 3 mm, then:

382 mm: 3 mm = 127.33333 pcs

So 127 or 128 beads need to be used to end up with a necklace measuring 40 cm in total.