Like with shoes one can never get too many earrings and at Beadhouse Are we crazy about earrings. Time calls for a stacked earring look and there is plenty of room for personal interpretation.

Earrings are a timeless jewelry that never goes out of fashion and dresses everyone. We love that this piece of jewelry can be used by everyone, so if you are missing earrings or just want to look a little, please feel free to check out our large selection of earrings for both Women and men out right here on the site.  


Large selection of earrings to Women, men and all other sex

No matter who you are, you can definitely find a pair of earrings at Beadhousethat fits your personal style. We have earrings of the classic metals, such as silver earrings and earrings in gilded silver if you are into the timeless, classic looks. We also carry beautiful earrings in metals such as steel and brass for you that appreciate something that is slightly different. We probably have the largest selection of earrings in the Nordic region.

If you love to party and fire it off, then we can always recommend our hoops, which are earrings with both A beautiful expression and fullness that has dressed a wealth of women and men on the dance floor for many years.

Double earrings for a stacked look

Among our selection you will also find double earrings in sterling silver, which is a design that creates the illusion of having two earrings in the same ear. Double earrings are incredibly beautiful and made in Italy.

Earrings in beautiful colors

If you are missing a little extra for your outfit or just love colors, then we also have beautiful earrings for you. We carry a large range of different earrings in all the colors of the rainbow, which has an exclusive look in the combination of silver and gold. See our selection of earrings in silver here and Gold plated earrings here.

We get a large part of our earrings of sterling silver in Italy. These come with a user -friendly click lock. They are stamped with '925' which indicates that it is sterling silver and 'BOC', Our name stamp, which is a guarantee of high quality and low price.

What is the difference between earrings and earpieces?

Earrings are a general term for a wide variety of variants, all of which are characterized by having a certain size and length. On the other hand, earsticks are characterized by sitting very close to the earlobe, which often makes their expression both smaller and simple.

What types of earrings can I choose from?

With Beadhouse consists of our selection of breathtaking earrings, which are shaped like, among other things, hoops, chain earrings and ear hooks as well as earpieces, all with several different designs and details. Here you will also find earrings in different materials. Our large selection certainly doesn't make it easy to choose earrings, but we definitely have something for every style.