Jewelery beads

Jewelry pearls are delicious and natural and are beautiful for several generations.

We have a beautiful assortment of strings of gemstone beads that you can mount with lock and jump ring, cshelves or ear brackets And make the finest jewelry off.

Note that we have labeled several of our jewelery strings with 'big purchases'. When purchasing these items you can obtain a quantity discount of 25% or more.

What are the benefits of real jewelery stones

The beautiful thing about jewelery pearls is their natural beauty. Their colors and transparency have a touch of magic that captivates most. The idea that these stones are the essence of millions of years of natural physics and chemical experiments is crazy.

Therefore, most people are captivated by the beautiful stones. They are available in a wealth of colors and we sell them in so-called 'strings', which can measure from 35-40 cm.

Be aware of this in our product description as it can be crucial, for a successful jewelry project that you have enough jewelry pearls.


Is gemstone and gemstone the same?

 Previously, the terms were used gemstone and semi -precious stones and only diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires were in the 'gemstone' category. Recently, it was thought that it was downgrading some stones to call them semi -precious stones.

Therefore decided The World Jewelery Confederation that one should instead call them all of the gemstones. It is also more appropriate for the stones that were previously called semi -precious stones can be very valuable if they are particularly rare or are of a really good quality.

If you want to create your own jewelry with jewelry stones you can definitely find something good here. You can also find loose parts here in our webshop; both Ear hooks, locks, pearl sticks, boxes and much more good in the materials sterling silver, gilded sterling silver, gilded and silver -plated brass.