Hair decorations

Hair decorations have several features. It can be used in many different ways to add style to your hair but is also a practical accessory. Hair decorations help you keep your hair away from your face or get it up in a tuber so you can air your neck and shoulders and the hair is not in the way.

With Beadhouse Do you find a large selection of delicious hair ornaments. Explore our webshop and experiment with putting your hair up in different ways with our hair clips, hair clips, hair braces and elastic bands. Enjoy!

The perfect accessory for everyday and for party

The great thing about hair decorations is that you can spice up all looks or change your look quickly with a colorful hair clamp. Hair decorations come in many shapes and facets and compliment any outfit. For example, add pearl hair ribbon to a casual, classic expression. The bright pearls give a nice softness to your outfit. You can also use our hair clips shaped like butterflies or other to create a fresh and personal look that just always works for a party.

If you feel like you are in a clothing crisis, try adding some delicious hair decorations, jewelry and accessories. We carry some hair ornaments and hair clips with pearls and beautiful colors, which look incredibly elegant on a nice and festive occasion, which we can recommend for a summer dress during the hot months as well as a warm knit in the autumn months.

Hair clamps for all hairstyles

Of course, among our range we carry a lot of hair clips in different sizes and styles. Within the last years it has become super trendy to wear hair clamps instead of putting his hair up with elastic bands and we really understand why.

Hair clamps mourn both To keep your hair away from the face and at the same time give the hair much more fullness than elastic can. If you feel fresh then we recommend, at Beadhousethat you buy hair clamps with color as these are just great hair ornaments - especially during the summer months.

Can the hair ornament keep my hair?

Our big hair clips can easily hold a big, full -bodied hair for a whole day. On our website you can click on a particular hair clamp and see how it holds a large, nice hair splendor up. You can also always supplement with some smaller hair clamps or hair clips for the big clamp, so you are sure your hair is sitting up all day.