Fabric products - elastic

Elastic cord is convenient and easy to make jewelry. If you are tired of handling small irritating locks on bracelets and necklaces, elastic cord is the obvious choice, especially for bracelets and if you want to make short necklaces.

How to tie a knot that holds on elastic cord?

Elastic cord is very smooth and jewelry of elastic cord is also loaded by stretching the elastic time and time again when you have to have the jewelry on and off.

Therefore, it is important for the durability of the jewelry to get a really good knot on your elastic cord. Here is the 'surgeon node' the best.

The surgeon node is made by first putting the right end over the left and turning it twice around the left end.

Then put it left over the right and turn the left string once around the right string and tighten.

It takes a little practice to get it all tightened in, so that knot and beads are very close. If you want to be extra sure that the knot is holding, you can take what may be on a pin tip of super glue or clear nail polish and put the tiny drop on the knot. Cut the ends of the elastic when solidified.

If you have to make beads with children under 7, elastic cord is the best choice. It does not require as much fine motor skills and usually requires no needle either.

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