Pearls and loose parts

With our selection of pearls and loose parts you have the opportunity to throw yourself into a wealth of jewelry and pearl-related projects.

You can design your own earrings, wrap yourself a ring, tie a bracelet, weave on pearl tissue, make a knitted sweater with pearls, make a pearl chain and many, many other exciting DIY projects, with the products you find here on the site.

Note that you can obtain good discounts when buying larger quantities of our loose parts, our fabric products, our jewelry stone beads, freshwater pearls and Preciosa Seed Beads.


Large selection of pearls

With Beadhouse you will find a large selection of beads of different sizes, colors and materials. We have a huge stock of glass beads, porcelain pearls, enamel beads, ceramic beads, metal beads, plastic beads, fiberglass beads, acrylic beads, wooden beads and gemstone beads in sizes from 2-50 mm.

Pearls for your DIY jewelry project

We have both Pearls to make the finest, delicate jewelry, cool statement accessories, pearl and pearl embroidery, pearl knit, French pearl flowers, your next pearl blind or the coolest pearl bag. No matter what DIY pearl project you have in mind, we have the beads for it.

Let you inspire by our Instagram profile

If you do not already have a project in mind, you can be inspired by checking out our Instagram profile. There you will be able to see several different examples of jewelry you can make yourself. You can also find inspiration by looking here at the site and letting the beautiful colors and materials make the ideas sprout.


Loose parts for it all

Here you can also find a large selection of loose parts for jewelry making. We have a chain in meter dimensions, pearl sticks, mounting earrings, mounting cracks, ear hooks, clamping pearls, locks, boxes and much more. Here's everything you need to create unique and personal jewelry for every occasion. From simple earrings to advanced necklaces, we have loose parts DR fits all levels of experience in creating jewelry themselves.

The little extra touch

We have a large selection of other jewelry components, such as charms and pendants that give the extra touch that can make your jewelry something very special. Cross, butterflies, skulls, flowers, sole and much more can spice up your handmade jewelry and add to the personal element that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Explore and be inspired by new exciting projects in our treasure trove of pearls and loose parts.