We have a wealth of bracelets here in Beadhouse. In our range you will find bracelets in several different materials. You can find durable bracelets in sterling silver and gilded sterling silver, produced in Europe, but also the cheaper bijouteria bracelets made of brass, copper, zamak, aluminum or steel.


What size bracelet do you need?

Take a flexible tape or string and place it around your wrist. Goals at the place where you prefer the bracelet to sit.

Make sure the tape or string is pleasantly resolved as you want the bracelet to have some freedom of movement and not sit too tight. However, be careful not to have it too resolved so it falls off.

Read the measurement of the tape measure or mark where the string overlaps. This will be your wrist size.

If you want a standard fit for your bracelet, you can add a small extra length to your wrist size. This ensures that the bracelet is not too tight and provides little room for movement. Usually it is recommended to add about 1.5-2 cm to your wrist size.

How can I style my bracelets?

Styling of bracelets can be a fun way to add a personal touch. Are you the type that holds it simply with a small thin chain bracelet around the wrist only to emphasize the contours of the wrist? Or are you the type who likes that a piece of jewelry can be seen and that it is also a bit raw in the expression? Or are you the type who just can't get enough of access to your wrists and therefore need a wide selection of bracelets? No matter how you style your wrists, you can definitely find something delicious here on the site.

Create a personal style of bracelets for women, men and other sex

We advocate that everyone can carry the jewelry they want, with confidence and charm. The bracelet is a really good place to start if you want to go with more jewelry. The bracelet is a classic, timeless piece of jewelry that one easily adapts to your personal style. Take a look here at the page and choose the jewelry that speaks to you.  

We get a large part of our silver and gilded silver bracelet made in high quality Spain and of certified recycling silver and with yardo of Fairtrade Gold. They are stamped with 925 indicating that they are made of sterling silver and BOC, Our name stamp, which is a guarantee of high quality and low price.

Bracelets for all occasions

With Beadhouse do we make a virtue of having a varied selection of bracelets, both In our own designs, unique retro bracelets and bracelets of popular chain types such as. Cuban, armor facet, Figaro etc. We select our products with care so that we always have bracelets that go to every style and occasion. We have jewelry for any styling.

This means that you can find the most elegant silver or gilded silver bracelets that fit weddings and fine parties, but you will also find brass or steel bracelets that give you a raw look in everyday life. Combine different designs and metals to create an expression that is your own.

What can bracelet do for your outfit?

The bracelet is an incredibly versatile piece of jewelry, which today is worn by all genders. Bracelets can be worn in stacks on the same arm if you are into a stacked look with lots of decoration, or you can choose a single elegant piece of jewelry that is brilliant in itself. If that sounds like something to you with a bracelet like your next jewelry, we will make sure you find something that suits your taste here with us. Even in small and large sizes as we can customize them.