Tools - needles

Thin pearl needles and split needles are in our range for we know how important it is to have the right needle when making pearl, pearl embroidery, peyotestitch or brickstitch .

What do you use split needles for?

Split pins are made of two thin pieces of metal that are soldered together at each end. This means that by pulling the two pieces of metal apart, you have a very large needle eye that is easy to thread.

Although the split needle is made of two pieces of metal that are put together at each end it is still very thin and is both good to the very small glass beads that Miyuki Delica 11/0, which has a hole size of 0.8 mm, but also for yarns in connection with knit or crochet with pearls.

Our thinnest needles are Miyuki Beading Needles, which measures 0.4 mm and therefore can go many times through a pearl that Miyuki Rocailles, size 11/0 that has a hole diameter of 0.8 mm, with Miyuki's own Pearl thread.

You should be aware of not pulling too hard on each side of the needle as the solder may break. Only open the needle sufficiently to thread it.