Fabric products - thread

On this page you will be able to find different kinds of thread to make your own jewelry designs.

Choose the perfect thread for your jewelry project

It is crucial to the aesthetics and functionality which thread you are using, so take a closer look here and let us help you find the right thread for your next jewelry project or pearl project.

If you need to use loose parts we have both locks, boxes, pearl sticks and much other good here.

Which thread is best for clamping pearls?

When you need to make a piece of jewelry where you need clamping beads, the tigerwir is the best. It consists of a number of thin steel wires that are twisted together and lined with nylon.

Steel is very strong and the tigerwir is therefore very durable and it works well with the clamping beads, as there is no risk of the clamping pearl's possible sharp edges damaging the thread when you squeeze the clamping bead. Put some tigerwire in the basket and find the clamping beads here.


The best thread for French pearl flowers

The best thread, if you have embarked on making the amazingly beautiful French pearl flowers, is our gilded and silver -plated brass wire.

It is not so expensive and you get approx. 3 flowers out of a roll of 10 meters. We also have a huge selection of glass beads to make the French pearl flowers of right here.

The French pearl flowers are incredibly beautiful in a vase at home and last forever. They have to be dusted off once in a while. French pearl flowers are also a gift that will impress most.

What do I need for wirework?

When doing wirewor, it is important to use a metal wire. It can be of brass, copper, doublé or silver. If you want to make you a jewelry with wirework that lasts really long, our silver thread or doublé thread is the best.

Silver -plated and gilded brass or copper has a shorter shelf life as the gilding/silver silver will eventually infect. Also, be aware that there are few people who get allergic reactions of brass.

Do you seek Tongues and Jewelery beads to your wirework? Of course we have that too!