Pendant is one of the jewelry you can never get enough of. Fortunately, we have a wide range of pendants in many different materials here in Beadhouse.



Pendant for necklaces

With pendants you can style any necklace to get an extra personal look. It also looks cool with pendants in your hoops. Go with the conservative style and buy two one's pendants for your hoops or play with asymmetry and symbolism to tell the outside world who you are. Our pendants can also be used as the icing on your next DIY project.

Here you will find pendants of sterling silver and gilded sterling silver, glass pendant, of brass and zamak. We have both Large and small pendants. Here's something for everyone.

Check out the page here and be inspired!.

We carry a wide range of pendants specifically to Necklaces, since we know how nice it is to be able to replace your pendants, depending on what to wear on that day. Our glass pendant is great for necklaces as they are heavily colored and therefore easily catch the eye. At the same time, some of our glass pendants are slightly larger, which is why they are perfect in a string or chain around the neck.

You can also upgrade heirlooms with a beautiful pendant so that they become personal but still retain all the memories. If you have some necklaces at home that are missing a little extra personality, consider some pendants for your necklaces from Beadhouse And give your jewelry new life.

Pendant for earrings

Among our pendants you will also find a selection that is very suitable for earrings. You can either use your pendant for some of our existing earring designs that you find here, or you can make your own earrings at home. Our pendants are available in a wealth of shapes and colors so you can create your own unique jewelry. One of the great things about pendants is that you can replace them as needed and therefore do not need many pairs of earrings to create your own small selection of options for a cool styling.

Pendant for bracelets

If you love bracelets, then you will also love our small pendants for bracelets on our website. You can e.g. buy some of our Bracelet here and add pendant as needed to complete your vision. We often recommend a simple bracelet for the purpose so that the pendant comes to its fullest and becomes eye -catching. The pendants come in many colors and shapes that are shining on any piece of jewelry.