With Beadhouse we have a selection of tools that are mostly aimed at starting jewelry making, which can take place at home at the dining table.

It allows you to work with precision and achieve high quality in your handmade jewelry.

The importance of the right jewelry tool

Having the right tool for jewelry making is crucial to achieving good results and making the process more efficient and comfortable. 

With the right tools, the quality of the jewelry is also increased as you can close everything nicely with the specialized tongs, so that there is no clamping pearl that goes up because it is not squeezed properly or a small metal wire that strokes on the earrings, so you can get stuck in scarves and other things with the risk of destroying his jewelry work.

With the proper maintenance, your tool can Beadhouse holding the rest of your life.

Tools for eight numbers

The technique "Ottet Nills" is a really good basic technique to be able to. It can be used to link stones with or to make pendants of pierced stones and pearls.

You use a metal wire when you make the eight and you can see how to do in our little video "DIY 8-number" under highlights on our Instagram profile.

In order to perform this technique, three different pliers are needed:


With the round aangle, you bend what is to be caught so that the eight can be linked to another eight octopus or can be hung on one earring a necklace or bracelet.

Flat pliers

The flat pliers are used to correct its gain and possibly to hold onto his subject while making the windings.


The bitten pliers allow you to cut the rest of your metal wire as close to the windings as possible, so there is nothing that struggles and can scratch or stick to clothes and hair.


The beadspinner makes it a breeze

Our beadspinners are made of the most delicious wood and make it a breeze to do pearl work with our small glass beads, where you have to use many of the same kind or if you make a mother of pearl that may well come on the leash in a random order.

Fill beads in the bead spinner, thread with the crooked needle included. If you make pearl flowers you can bend the tip of your metal wire, then it works as a needle. Spin and vupti!

The beads are brought up on your thread completely by themselves. With the bead spinner you want to make many long pearl chains and large bouquets of pearl flowers. Try it before your neighbor!