Other pearls

As our name reveals we have a lot of pearls in Beadhouse. Here you can find beads in many different materials.

We have the beautiful gemstone beads, fun plastic beads, delicious freshwater pearls and the adventurous Preciosa Crystal Drops.

Create personal jewelry with our unique beads

Pearls are perfect for creating personal and unique jewelry. You can use our pearls as focal points in your designs or make patterns and combinations of different pearls to create an interesting aesthetic.

Whether you need to make a pearl chain, a keychain, knit with pearls or make a few delicious earrings it is important to experiment and let your imagination fly freely. Really happy with your next pearl project!

Besides our large selection of Glass beads, we also have pearls in other materials. 

Are you going to knit with pearls?

Knit and pearls are a great combination where the yarn's woolen and rustic texture and the smooth, shiny texture of the pearls compliment and highlight each other. There are countless ways to integrate beads into your knit.

For example, do like Lærke Bagger and put the beads on your yarn and knit a lavish sweater that is fully pearled with a wealth of beads of different sizes and colors. You can also just use pearls for a small detail like a collar or one on an edge.

If you have been bitten by knitting with pearls, pay attention to the weight and hole size of the pearl. If you need to knit the beads into your work, the pearl's hole size is crucial for succeeding.


Pearls have a long story

Pearls have a long and fascinating story that extends many thousands of years back. They have always had a special place in human culture and have been highly valued for their beauty and symbolism.

The oldest pearls found are a collection of pierced clam shells from approx. 142,000 years ago. Man has always had a need to adorn himself but in addition, pearls have also had other functions.

For example, handmade glass beads were used as money especially in West Africa. The Pharaohs were laid pearls with the dead in the grave as a symbolic gift for the afterlife.

In ancient times, pearls were reserved for the most prosperous and powerful people, but over time new methods of making pearls developed artificially and therefore became more accessible, also for ordinary people.

IN Beadhouse Fortunately, they are available in copious quantities and at prices everyone can join.