Pearl sticks

We have pearl sticks for your next handmade jewelry! Pearl sticks are indispensable if you would like to make your own pendants for your necklaces, bracelets, earrings or ankle chains.

Here you will find pearl rods of sterling silver, gilded sterling silver, gilded and silver-plated brass .

How to use pearl sticks?

Pearl sticks are made to make small pendants. One end has either a ball or a flat, as on a nail that acts as a stop.

It is important that the pearl rod fits with the hole in the pearl, that is, the pearl's hole is not so large that it just goes beyond the little stopping of the pearl bar.

If the pearl's hole is too large, one can solve it by using A minor gem first or possibly a pearl bowl.

The end that sticks out of the pearl one can make a small jump ring of. If you want to make it extra durable, it is a good idea to make an 'eight' where you make 2-3 windings under the box. See our tutorial, 'DIY 8th', under highlights on our Instagram profile.


What tool should be used to work with pearl sticks?

When you need to make octopuses of pearl sticks you need three pieces of tools; Round, pointed flat pliers and tongs. With the rounding you form the round shape of the sake.

The pointed flat pliers are used to make the arched neat and straight and correct the work a bit with in the end. You use the bitten pliers to cut off the rest of the thread after you have wrapped. You can find both round tongs, pointed flat pliers and bondang Here on the site.