Tools - Miscellaneous

Here on the site you will find tools that specialize in making jewelry but that do not fit under our other categories of jewelry tools .

Make the work of jewelry a breeze

It can facilitate the work of pearls and loose parts to have the right piece of tools. That way there is more room for creativity.

If you need to use components to make your own jewelry with our specialized tools, you can go on treasure hunting among ours Pearls and loose parts.


Beadspinner - indispensable for pearl geeks

Do you know a beadspinner? It is the most amazing tool if you work with small glass beads and either have to use many of the same kind of pearl at a time, as with pearl embroidery and French pearl flower.

Or if you want to thread a random mix of small glass beads for a belly chain, or for a pearl blind. Should you use pearls for your next pearl project you can find them here.

Our beadspinners are of wood and of really good quality. It spins like a dream!


How to use a beadspinner?

A beadspinner is very easy to use. You pour your pearls into the 'bowl'. Thread your crooked needle, which comes with you when you buy a beadspinner. Spin with your fingers the top small metal stick so the whole bowl turns.

There should be relatively good speed, but you have to try to try out how much strength is going on the spin. Put your crooked needle into the bowl while turning. Now the beads are fed just as quietly and completely by themselves on your needle and thread. 

Watch video tutorial here.