Hair clamps

Are you missing one or more great hair clamps? Hair clamps are getting away, and then it's also just nice to get a new, nice hair clamp once in a while. If you are looking for hair clips, then at least you are the right place. As you can see, then we have in Beadhouse Many beautiful hair clips here on the site in a wealth of different colors and in different sizes. So there are definitely some hair clips in our range that will fit your hair type and your outfit. Take a look and find your favorites.

Small and large hair clamps

You can go after both Small and large hair clips in our range. Whether you have a large hair you would like to keep track of with a large hair clamp, or you prefer small, cute hair clips, we have good options you can order home. If your old hair clips have become a little sad to look at, then a set of new hair clips is a nice little gift for yourself. You can also take a closer look at our other forms of Hair decorations, if you would like more than just hair clamps like accessory to your hair.

Fresh everyday life up

Great hair clips are one of the most everyday things that you are adorning with, but it's still a small piece of accessory that makes a difference to your look. It is therefore worth having some hair clamps lying down that you are happy to look at and which you feel makes a difference when you take them on. Take a closer look at our range of hair clips and select the ones you can't stand for. You can order them home in our webshop, along with our many other great things, and then it won't be long before you have new hair clips ready. If you are also looking for Pearls and loose parts For homemade jewelry, we are experts in the field and our selection is large.

Why use a hair clamp?

The good thing about using a hair clamp is that you can easily put your hair up with nice accessories right in your taste, which at the same time is also gentle on the hair. Hair clips come in a wealth of sizes, designs and colors, which for many makes them ideal as an alternative to ordinary hair elastic.

What does hair clamps cost?

Depending on which hair clamp you are looking for and its size, the price will vary. Here at Beadhouse you will find a wide selection of hair clips at prices from anything between 40 and 100 kroner. Choose from your wishes in terms of size and color and get yourself a hair clamp at an affordable price.