Mussels are the ultimate symbol of holiday, sun, summer and beach. We have nice mussels for mounting on jewelry.

You can use them for the popular attached jewelry with mussels. Find our tutorial on DIY mussel choke here. Buy mussels for your next holiday necklace here on the site.


A classic that is always relevant

The story of people and jewelry made of clams extends far back. In Morocco, a necklace of seashells has been found dated 150,000 years ago. Jewelry made of clams was, in different cultures and civilizations, a status symbol and even today jewelry made of mussels are relevant.


What does the mussel symbolize?

Beauty and Harmony: The mussel shell is considered a symbol of beauty and harmony in nature. Its perfect shape and surface are reproduced many times in art through the ages. Just think of Botticelli's iconic painting 'Venus Birth', where the goddess Venus is born by the most beautiful mussel.

Protection and Security: The mussel often represents protection and security. The hard shell is a natural defense mechanism that protects the soft mussel from external threats and dangers. Similarly, the mussel can symbolize our need for protection and security.

Birth and fertility: The mussel can also be a symbol of birth and fertility. The mussels hold and protect the growing pearls inside, reminiscent of a mother's uterus that carries and protects the unborn child.

Transformation and Transformation: The ability of mussels to create an amazingly beautiful gem out of an annoying foreign body that has found its way into the mussel. This can be compared to our ability to transform difficulties and challenges in our lives into something beautiful and positive. The mussel becomes a symbol of our potential to grow and develop through change.

Spirituality and deep wisdom: As the mussel lives in the water, which is often considered a source of spiritual depth and intuition, it can symbolize the connection to the deeper wisdom and soul aspects of life.