Fabric products - Nylon thread

Beadhouse Has many types of nylon wire in the range. So if you need to use nylon thread or -nor you've come to the right place .

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We have the most delicious knot lord made of plastic that is picked up by the seas, pearlon in many colors and thicknesses for your gemstone jewelry, fishing cords, and the fine Miyuki Beading Thread that is good for pearl projects with the small glass beads.


What are the benefits of thread and string of nylon?

The best features of the nylon thread are the durability and color resistance. Nylon is a fairly durable material and it is good to add some durability to its handmade jewelry so they may also be used next season.

It is also quite delicious at nylon that it does not fade so easily in the sun. Have you ever noticed how your clothes fade differently in the sun?

Cotton fades faster than synthetic fabrics and the same is true with string. Therefore, it is delicious to work with nylon.

An extra small bold feature of the nylon cord is that you can gently melt the ends with a lighter so that they will not floss. It looks nicest with a proper finish to the ends.


How to cling to a choker with Kauri mussels?

The choke of Kauri Mussels is a popular classic that shows up in the fashion image Summer after Summer.

It is not that difficult to make and it does not require any tools to make it. See ours DIY Tutorial Here and find your clenching cord here on the site.


Are you missing beads for your nylon cord?

If you are missing beads to make your next jewelry with nylon cord you can find both Glass beads, Jewelery beads, and Preciosa Crystal Drops in our selection.