Beadhouse Has a selection of over 200 different kinds of finger rings here in the webshop.

We have rings in sterling silver and gilded sterling silver, silver, steel and brass. Our rings in gilded sterling silver we have put a thick layer of gold on so they hold the gold for a long time. We have tested them and depending on use, the gold color keeps between 6 months and a year and a half. We can boast of never having a complaint about our gilded silver rings. They are of really good quality and at the right prices.


Call women, men and other sexes in sterling silver

Many already have rings of sterling silver at home in the stores - are you looking for another upgrade to the collection? In our range you will find beautiful designs, shapes and patterns that can help make your jewelry look in person.

With Beadhouse Is it important to us that everyone can carry rings of sterling silver, so we carry a wide range of beautiful sterling silver rings at very reasonable prices. At the same time, sterling silver is one of the most commonly used precious metals for jewelry due to its durable properties. We can therefore always recommend you jewelry in sterling silver as they last for many years and retain their brilliance.

You can find many different styles in our finger rings, so if you need to complete your collection of rings, we have with great certainty one or more finger rings that can fit what you already have in your jewelry box.

Create you a unique look with rings from Beadhouse

With Beadhouse If we love being able to create our own personal expressions, which finger rings are perfect for. You can put together different sizes, colors and types of rings to find the expression that fits your outfit and general style perfectly. Today many people use to “stack” their jewelry by carrying more rings, Necklaces and bracelet At one time, the jewelry really emerges - the same you can do with your rings. Don't be afraid of mixing gilded and silver jewelry, it gives a beautiful color play.

With Beadhouse If only the imagination sets boundaries, don't hesitate to throw yourself into it if you get an idea. We have most of the most of it. If you need personal help or have any questions about our rings, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are always ready to help.