Pendant - Bijouteri

IN Beadhouse do we have a lot of fine Bijouterie-theding. Bijouterie Are great jewelry, at a cheap price made without precious metals and stones. Bijouterie-the hanging is perfect if you like to change look often without buying yourself poor in it. Check out our great trendy pendants out here on the site.

How can I style my pendant?

There are really no limits to how you can style your pendants, but there is still one decisive factor that determines how you can use your pendant and that is how big a jump ringthat sits on your pendant. If the woolen is big you have the same freedom to style your pendant with everything from a fine thin chain to a delicious, wide suede cordthat can highlight the pendant and your throat. Is the wedding small, you must hunt in our thin chains in sterling silver, gilded sterling silver or maybe a thin nylon string which you can make sliding nodes.

Can you use Bijouterie-pace on all types of jewelry?

The good thing about Bijouterie Pendant is that they can be combined with all imaginable jewelry, including necklaces and earrings. Bijouterie The pendants come in a wealth of variants that can be matched crosswise with other types of jewelry, both real and false.

How do I clean my jewelry pendants in Bijouterie?

Pendant in Bijouterie Made of bustling materials will automatically be discolored over time. They are not intended to be cleaned as it will only aggravate their already short life. Therefore, make sure to take them off before exercise and bathing and you will be able to extend the life a bit. Avoid bathing in chlorine water or salt water with your beeps on, especially those of gilded or silver -plated brass as they can be discolored by it.

Glass and ceramic pendants can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water and dishwashing soap.