Are you crazy about making jewelry too? Then you also know how crucial a loose part the lock can be.

We have a good selection of jewelry locks in sterling silver, gilded sterling silver, silver -plated brass and gilded brass so you can realize your next original jewelry design.

You will be able to find carabiner locks, spring locks and s-locks in our range here on the page .

Which lock should i use?

When choosing a lock for your jewelry there are some things to consider. You need to think about the size of the lock and think about the user of the jewelry. If the user is older or has fine motor challenges it is a good idea to choose a slightly larger lock.

Also, choose lock in relation to the size of the beads that are closest to the lock. If you have some very large beads with a small lock, it can be almost impossible to open and close the lock.

 The material from which the lock is made is also significant. It is best if the loose parts used are of the same material as they are in this way aging and wearing the same way. Which material The lock is made of is also essential for durability.

Gold plated and silver -plated brass lasts the shortest time, but does not cost much. If you want a lock that lasts a very long time, look at our locks of sterling silver and gilded sterling silver.

Are you going to use a jump ring For your lock you can find it in our large selection of boxes for jewelry making here.


How long does a gilding hold?

It is difficult to indicate exactly how long a gilding lasts. For example, gilded brass can be discolored by a snap by contact with seawater or chlorine water. The water goes into chemical reaction with the brass under the gold and becomes reddish brown.

The way you use the jewelry, how often and how much you use it determines how long a gilding lasts. But also the body's chemistry can change the surface of the metals. There may also be a difference in how long a gilding keeps depending on whether it is earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Necklaces and bracelets usually have more skin contact than earrings and therefore more wear on gilded bracelets and necklaces than on gilded earrings.


Fill the warehouse up with jewelry locks from Beadhouse.dk

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