Ear brackets

If you want to design your own jewelry, earrings with ear brackets are a safe solution that requires neither many materials nor skills in jewelry making .

How to get started

Here's the only thing you need an ear brace as well as the desired Pendant, and you can be sure that your new piece of jewelry will be as you wish.

We have ear brackets in sterling silver, gilded sterling silver, gilded brass and silver -plated brass. Good luck with your new handmade earrings!

Easily make your own jewelry with ear brackets

To earrings is the ear hook the part that should sit in the ear while there in the hook of the ear bracket or jump ring can be placed a pendant.

For that reason, they are very suitable for making earrings, and here you can choose to either make your own pendant with the help of Pearl sticks or choose among Our selection of pendants.

Whatever solution you choose, you will be able to make your own mark on your new, homemade earrings.


Choose the right ear brackets for your needs

When you are looking for ear brackets for making jewelry, there are a number of factors that are important to assess.

First of all, you need to assess how the ear bracket should hang in your ear, as the design of it decides just that. Here it is also relevant to decide whether the ear bracket should be with or without closure as well as its dimensions, material and color.


Design your own jewelry with materials from Beadhouse.dk

There is nothing better than having the perfect earrings that are right for you and your style.

Just that you can achieve by making them yourself with ear brackets from Beadhouse.dk. And we've gathered them here on the site so you can find renewed inspiration for your creations.

If you stand and lack other materials for jewelry making, you may want to discover our Loose parts and pearls As well as tools such as Tongues. Here you will find everything you may need for jewelry with ear brackets.