Bijouterie bracelet

Will you find a braceletthat looks out of more than it has cost? Then you should take a closer look at our Bijouterie-The bracelets that are a delight to the eye but do not cost much. You will find beautiful details and delicious gildings that can make your wrist radiate like never before. 

What is one Bijouterie-bracelet?

Bijouterie is a category of jewelry that comes from the French word for just jewelry. Bijouterie However, is a special kind of jewelry that is cheap and not made of precious stones and noble metal, but with gilding, silver and less expensive stones and crystals. At the same time the spirit and style of Bijouterie a little a´la French from the beginning of the 20th century, because it was at this time and place that Bijouterie appeared.

A new bracelet with the spirit of Bijouterie

If you would like a new bracelet that has a slightly dreamy bohemian style and you will not break the piggy bank then a Bijouterie—rap perfect for you. If you like, you can also take a closer look at our many others Bracelet here. In short, you have many options if it is a new bracelet you are looking for. Of course we also have pearls here at Beadhouse. So if you dream of making your own jewelry or creative DIY (do it yourself) projects, you can buy everything you need.

Order yours Bijouterie–reband on the web

It is easy and quick to order a new bracelet from Bijouterie-The category here in the webshop and we are ready to process your order so you can receive the shipment soon. With your new bracelet you can look forward to going decorated for a party or maybe it is just everyday life that needs to be spiced up a bit? Either way, you get a lot for the money with one of our Bijouterie-bracelet.

What size bracelet should I use?

It is crucial that your bracelet has the right size. If it's too short - yes, it gives itself, then it's useless. If the bracelet is too far, there is a risk of hanging on everything, such as door handles, details on bags and other things. It is also quite annoying to sit and work at computer if you have a too long bracelet on, because it will constantly bother the lower part of the palm, especially if the bracelet is chunky.

Women most often use bracelets in size 16-18 cm. Men use mostly bracelets in size 18-21 cm. You can measure your wrist and add a few cm if it is a chain bracelet. 

See the different ones Bijouterie—rap bracelets through, and select the ones you fall flat for and stack them to achieve a personal expression.