Fabric products - chains

Chains are often part of a piece of jewelry and therefore we have in Beadhouse Several kinds of chain in meter dimensions to make jewelry off.

You can both Low necklaces, bracelets, ankle chains, abdominal chains and decorations for earrings with our selection of chains.

Make a piece of jewelry made only of chain or connect small eight -tuned joints with chain. Find the chain for your jewelry design here on the page .

It's easy to make your own necklace with our chains in meter target

Buy a piece of chain that has the desired length. Mount a lock at one end and an open jump ring At the other end and vupti, you have a finished necklace or bracelet.

Pay attention to whether the chain you choose has LED that is large enough that you will be able to get a jump ring through.

If the joints are too small, it can be solved by mounting the lock with a small eight -tuned joint made with thread in size 0.4 mm and make eight -end joints at the other end that make it out for jump ring.

If you are going to mount jump ring And lock you need two pointed flat rides and if you need to make eight -tunes at the ends, you need a pointed flat, one round and a tongue. You will find the pliers here.

You can see our DIY tutorial on how to make eight numbers here.