Ankle chains

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is perfect for holidays, summer and festive occasions, then you should take a closer look at an ankle chain. An ankle chain gives your ankle a touch of elegance and allows you to create a red thread in the jewelry you wear. Find here on the page the ankle chain that fits your ankles and personal style perfectly. We also have the popular ankle chains with clams that exude exotic holiday atmosphere.

Create a beautiful thread in your jewelry with an ankle chain

You can see different ankle chains in our selection here. The ankle chains can go perfectly for a party dress and stilettos, but are also ideal on the summer holidays when the legs have a nice summer glow. There are many options and this is also true in the different Pendant, which you often find on an ankle chain. Take a look here in our webshop, or get past our fine store in Copenhagen if you have the opportunity - here the selection is even bigger!

Here you will find answers to some of the questions we typically get about ankle chains.

How long should an ankle chain be?

An ankle chain can either sit loosely or relatively tight about your ankle and what density you choose is a matter of taste and pleasure. If you want a tight -fitting ankle chain, try a chain that is your ankle's circumference plus 1 centimeter. If you go for a more loose look, add two centimeters to your ankle's circumference. You can easily measure the ankle with a tape measure. All our jewelry is met.

How often can you use an ankle chain?

Although ankle chains are most obvious for the summer, where you walk around in skirts, summer dresses and the like, an ankle chain is good for any occasion where your ankles are bare. That is, festive apartments as well as spring's warmer days are also perfect for an elegant ankle chain. In winter you can easily use the ankle chain when you wear tights on - it will create a festive expression.

What metal should I go for in an ankle chain?

Of course, your choice of ankle chain should reflect your taste, but also your skin color and complexion. Try different ankle chains and find the one that brings out the best in you, your ankles and your skin. If you need to bathe with the chain on, be aware that some gilded chains will lose color over time - here you can instead go for a clam anchor chain.