Clamping beads

We have clamping pearls of sterling silver, gilded sterling silver, gilded brass and silver-plated brass, so you will be able to find clamping beads that fit your jewelery project, here on the page .

What tool do you need?

An easy way to make necklaces and bracelets is by using clamping beads along with tigerwire, lock and jump ring. It only requires a tool and can be made at home at the dining table by everyone.

When making jewelry with clamping beads, the most important tool is a pointed flat pliers. It is small and can get in the space between the last pearl and the lock or the woolen to squeeze the clamping pearl in place to fix the thread.

If you don't already have a flat tong you can find it here at a reasonable price.

If you work with tigerwire, be aware that it is a steel wire twisted by several thin threads and coated with nylon.

Steel is incredibly strong and unfortunately will ruin most bends for jewelry making, so use an old scissors that you are not sorry for being destroyed.


Clamping pearl - a small but important pearl

It is crucial for a good jewelry design that it is functional but also the aesthetics are of course important in the context. That's exactly what the clamping pearl can.

With clamping beads, ugly knots are over at the end of your fine pearl chain and at the same time you get a better result. In addition to pearls, you can also buy locks, boxes, chain extenders tigerwire here in our webshop.

Really happy with your next project with clamping beads. See our tutorial about clamping pearls here.


We have everything you need to use here at

A clamping pearl cannot stand alone in jewelry making. Here you have both use for materials for the manufacture of your jewelry as well as the necessary tools where especially one seaweed is necessary so that you can just squeeze them together on the chain or pendant.

To make it as easy as possible for you to design your own jewelry we have at overall a selection of Pearls and loose parts. Explore the committee and finally have creativity unfold.