Glass beads

If there is anything we are proud of it is our range of small glass beads. IN Beadhouse we have them in over 500 different colors and in up to seven different sizes.

Our selection spans over seed beads, also called Greenlandic Pearls or Rocailles Pearls, Delica and Bugles.


Small glass beads in a world of colors

Small glass beads are like magical jewels in miniature size. These enchanting beads are made of glass and come in a cornucopia of colors.

Despite their modest size, they have an incredible effect and are a beloved material among jewelery makers, designers, costume makers, artists and other creative.

With their beauty and versatility, small glass beads provide countless opportunities to create delicate and detailed jewelry, decorative objects and works of art that both amaze and enchanted.

We would recommend all Opaque, ie colored, pearls or Miyuki Duracoat etc. Beads for using jewelry at body contact, to guarantee a longer shelf life.

Many options with small glass beads

The fine little glass beads are really versatile. You can weave the finest pearl bracelets on pearl tissue. Here are especially the tube -shaped Miyuki Delica Suitable as their perfect uniformity makes them just fine and close together in the pattern.

Try playing with Matte, Shiny, Transparent and Opaque Beads as you weave. It gives a delicious game in your finished woven project.

Among our customers there are many exciting projects in the process of our small glass beads - besides the many who make the finest pearl chains and pearl bracelets, there are many other imaginative ways to use our small glass beads.

Some crochet and knit with them. One makes art of them, one makes the most beautiful sculptures of them, a make lamps with pearls. Others make the most delicious fringe earrings and the trendy French pearl flowers. There are almost no limits to what you can do with our beautiful little glass beads.


What kind of glass pearl is suitable for your project?

When choosing glass beads, there are a few things to consider. You need to think about whether you need a big or small gem. The smallest we have measures 2.1 mm and the largest meter 4.6 mm. The 2.5 mm, unlike the smallest glass bead to the largest glass bead, doesn't sound like much, but it actually makes a world of difference.

A rule of thumb is that the more delicate you want your work with glass beads the less pearl is needed.

If you need to weave or embroider with pearls, it is recommended to use the smallest pearls as they settle tightly together and thus achieve an almost textile texture.

The slightly larger of our small glass beads can be used, among other things, for pearl chains, pearl flowers, pearl bracelets and fringe earrings.

The biggest ones can turn into a fine, slightly more chunky, pearl chain or can be the crucial detail, for example, in a crushed bracelet or on a French pearl flower.