Find Creole for your next earring project here and if you are a beginner you can find some inspiration further down the page.

Only the imagination sets limits when designing earrings with creoles .

Is there a difference between the creole?

With our creoles you can make many fine earring designs. We have them in sterling silver, gilded sterling silver and in gilded and silver-plated brass, in sizes from 12-38 mm.

There's a difference between our creoles, both in terms of functionality and durability. If you want to make a pair of earrings that you would like to hold for a few years, we recommend that you choose our creoles of sterling silver or gilded sterling silver.

The creols of gilded sterling silver have a gold coating that will wear off over time, but our experience is that they keep the gold color for one and a half to two years.

If you want to make earrings where set Small glass beads Directly on the creole, it is a good idea to buy the creoles that do not have a 90 degree buck at one end as the beads cannot get past that buck.

Sometimes you may be successful in reducing the angle of bent with a flat tong, but there is a small risk of the thread from the creole being made of. Then you want to be sure, then buy creoles without bend at one end. You finally make your own when you get all the beads you want on the creole.


Earrings with flexibility

 With our creoles you can make the finest earrings where you can replace pendants to always fit the mood and apartment. Put one or more small pendants on the creole and get a personal look.

For example, put on a white freshwater pearl for everyday life and replace with a more colorful pendant when upgrading to a party. You can buy ready -made pendants here in the webshop or even create your own pendants with stones, pearls, chain and pearl sticks. Find fine Pearls or Pendant there can meet your particular wishes for creoles.


Other design options with creoles

There are really many different options for designs with our creoles. For example, you can make the finest earrings with pearls and metal wire, Where you wrap the thread around the creole and put pearls on intervals.


We've collected all the loose parts for creoles in one place

It should be easy to find jewelry that matches your style, and here it is also an opportunity to design them yourself. With we have therefore gathered a large selection of Loose parts, which everyone can be used to make their own jewelry. That way you can just explore the committee, and before long you will be able to let go of creativity and make yourself the perfect creoles with a personal touch.