Gilded earrings

Are you as crazy about beautiful gilded earrings as we are? Here at beadhouse we may have the largest selection of pearls and jewelry in the Nordic region, and gilded earrings are no exception. We get gilded our earrings of gilded sterling silver, with a thick layer of 24 carat gold, and we have a reputation for our gilded silver earrings to last the gold for a very long time. You will find our selection of gold earrings below - we have earrings with and without stones, hoops and various earpieces.

Now you can buy all our gilded earrings individually. Then play loose with symmetry and asymmetry, minimalism and maximalism. Play with today's feeling and create your very own unique look with our range of gilded earrings.


What gold earrings should I choose?

We have a large selection of earrings in gilded sterling silver, which includes earpieces with and without stones, hoops and other creoles, earrings with gemstones and crystals as well as much, much more. If you want to see our entire selection of earrings then you will findAll earrings here or just our selection of Silver earrings here.

If you appreciate being able to tailor your earrings, you will have the opportunity with our many pendants that can be put on the classic little hoops. Many people therefore choose to buy a few hoops if gilded sterling silver that can be used in all situations. With a couple Pendant In the drawer you can easily change the expression on them.

Mix and match

We you beadhouse, have been aware of your need to create your very own personal look. In our physical store it has long been customary to buy the earrings individually. Now, also in our webshop, you can buy all our earrings individually. We hope you have a party to mix and match you to each of your cool, personal look.

Round gilded earrings, hoops and creoles

If there is something that has always been and is still popular, then it is the classic, round gold earrings. We typically call them hoops and creoles. With us you will find them both In a chunky design where the circle is wide and distinctive, but also as more classic and thin in the expression where they blend more.

If you need personal help or have any questions about our earrings, please do not hesitate to contact us at,Instagram or Facebook. We are always ready to help.

What are gilded earrings?

Gold plated earrings are earrings, which are made of either sterling silver or metals such as brass, which is subsequently gilded. With gold -plated earrings, you therefore get a jewelry that is not made of gold but which, in confusion, looks like a jewelry of gold. Gold plated earrings are a cheaper alternative to gold earrings.

How long does gold plated gold?

Because with gilded jewelry is a layer of gold, there is a high probability that the gold coating will be worn over time. It's hard to say how long it will last and even if you can extend the shelf life by taking good care of the jewelry, the coating over the years will wear. Gold-plated brass earrings respond to salt and chlorine water and become reddish brown by contact, so we advise you to take your jewelry, of gilded brass, off when you bathe.

Since life is too short for poor gilding, our gilded sterling silver is gilded with an extra thick layer of gold. We are known for our gilded silver earrings to last a lot longer than many other jewelry brands. If you avoid bathing and sleeping with the earrings on, they can last over a year and a half, even with daily use.