Glass beads - Preciosa Bugles

Welcome to the Beadhouses page with Preciosa Bugles, where we are proud to present our large selection of beautiful glass beads from the world -renowned pearl producer Preciosa.

Bugles are tubular glass beads that offer a unique and fascinating expression for your jewelry and pearl projects.

Hole size: approx. 0.7mm

Preciosa - a pearl producer with history

Preciosa is a Czech company that specializes in the manufacture of beautiful glass beads and crystal products since 1948. They have a long history and are known for their high quality and precision in their products.


Bugles - a different glass pearl

Preciosa Bugles is different from most other glass beads as they have a distinctive tube -shaped shape. They are made in different lengths, colors and finishes, giving you endless possibilities for creating unique jewelry and works of art. They are available, among other things, colored, frosted, with AB paving and twisting.


Inspirational Preciosa Bugles Projects

Earrings with a twist:

  • Use Preciosa Bugles to make unique earrings that will stand out from the crowd. Try making a cascade of bugs in different lengths and colors for a dramatic look, or keep it simple with a few bugs as pendants. Bugles are also really nice in the trendy fringe earrings. They create an exciting texture in your pearl work.

  • Necklaces and bracelets:
    Preciosa Bugles are great for creating beautiful and eye -catching necklaces and bracelets. Use them alone or combine them with other pearls and materials for a unique and personal piece of jewelry.

Pull them like pearls on a leash or use two cords as you put in from each end of your owl to get some width of your jewelry.

  • Pearl embroidery and weaving:
    Due to their tubular form is Preciosa Bugles Ideal for pearl embroidery and pearl weaving. They can easily be integrated into different patterns and techniques to give your project a new and exciting expression.


Tips to work with Preciosa Bugles


  • Pay attention to the edges:
    Some Preciosa Bugles May have sharp edges that can damage the thread when working with them. Be aware of this and be sure to use a strong thread.

  • Use appropriate tool:
    When you work with Preciosa Bugles, it is important to use the right needles and threads to make your work easier and more accurate. Choose a needle that fits the size and beads of the thread, and make sure you have extra needles at hand if they should bend or crack during work.

    Choose a rigid thread like a thin metal wire, fishing line or tigerwire to get firmness in the material or a soft thread like Miyuki pearl thread or fireline, to achieve a result that is more soft and reminiscent of a textile. See our selection of thread and string here on the website.

  • Organize your pearls:
    It's always a good idea to keep your pearls and materials organized when working with Preciosa Bugles. Use pearl trays, storage boxes or the like to keep track of your pearls and make it easier to find the specific pearls you need in your projects.

  • Experiments with different techniques:
    Preciosa Bugles is versatile and can be used in a wide range of pearl techniques. Try experimenting with different techniques such as Peyote-stitching, Herringbone or Brick-Sting and others to find the perfect way to incorporate these unique beads into your creations.


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