Bijouterie Earrings

Are you looking for some cheap earrings that look out of something? Then it is in the category Bijouterie, you have to lead. Here we have many different earrings made in different materials and designs. Bijouterie-In earrings are lovely jewelry that looks amazing, but without costing the big. Take a look at our Bijouterie-Ørrings and select yourself your favorites.

Now you can buy our Bijouterie Earrings individually. That way you now have even more opportunity to mix and match you to your unique, perfect look.

Bijouterie are jewelry and earrings with French spirit

The word Bijouterie Coming from French, and since the beginning of the 20th century it has been used to denote slightly cheap earrings that are often gilded and occupied with small beautiful stones and with many beautiful details. Bijouterie is not just a matter of low price. It is also jewelry with the French elegance and mood that you can thus find in earrings from the category Bijouterie.

What is Bijouterie?

Bijouterie is the term for jewelry that contains neither gold nor silver. Instead, these jewelry is characterized by being made of other materials such as brass, copper, plastic and glass, which can then be either gilded or silvered. The good thing about bijouterism jewelery is also that they come in a wealth of expressions and can be bought at prices where everyone can join.

Mix and match

We you Beadhouse, have been aware of your need to create your very own personal look. In our physical store it has long been customary to buy the earrings individually. Now, also in our webshop, you can buy all our earrings individually. We hope you have a party to mix and match you to each of your cool, personal look.

Find the earrings that you fall for

As you can probably see, we have a lot of people Bijouterie-Ørrings to choose from. Take your time and sit back on the couch as you look through our range of earrings. We also have a large selection of earring in multiple materials. You have good chances of finding earrings that just fall in your taste and which you will be able to use for both Everyday and party.

Order yours Bijouterie-Ørrings online

Enjoy our user -friendly webshop and order all the earrings that you can't stand. You can also beat two flies with a bang if you are missing beads and other Pendant For your own creative projects. We have a huge selection, so try to look around and put your favorite articles in the basket. When you order Bijouterie-In earrings and more from our webshop, and we will quickly send your order off.

What do earrings cost in Bijouterie?

Because earrings in Bijouterie is made of subordinate materials a lower price is usually included. With Beadhouse you will find a wealth of joubery jewelry at prices from anywhere between 40 and 150 kroner. With our low prices, it is therefore no matter to find new jewelry in Bijouterie.