Necklaces with gemstones

Are you also crazy about natural gemstones? At least we are, which is why we have many necklaces with beautiful gemstones in the range.

Our necklaces of jewelery stones are mounted with a chain extension so they can be used in length 40-45 cm.

We can only recommend that you look through our models. There are amazing and colorful necklaces designed with a wide selection of affordable gemstones. A pure pleasure to look at!

Find your jewelry stone necklace

There are many different gemstones, and therefore there are also undoubtedly some gemstones that speak more to you than others. Take a look at the colors and textures and find the gemstones that you can't stand. A necklace with gemstones you will be happy to go on every single day - we dare to promise that. From moonstone and amethyst to onyx and rhodonite. There are plenty of exciting gemstones, semi -precious stones and other gemstones in our range of jewelery necklaces.

If you want to make necklaces of jewelery stones yourself, check out our selection of gemstones under the menu item 'Pearls and Loose Parts*.

Necklaces with or without gemstones

Are you one of those who would like a necklace with as many gemstones on as possible, or do you prefer a single or get gemstones in the middle of the chain? Whether you are one or the other type, you can find a necklace that fits you perfectly. You can also see our whole Assortment of necklaces through if you feel like it. Look forward to finding your new favorite chain.

Order your necklace with gemstone online

Here Beadhouse If we take pride in having a good and well -functioning webshop, so you can count on a quick and professional processing of your order leading to an early shipment. If you are also interested in making jewelry yourself, then you can order everything from pearls to tools here on the site, and you are thus not far from starting a brand new, creative hobby if that's what you want.