Various glass beads

Here you will find different Glass beads. You will be able to find beads with large holes that are suitable for knitwear, but also mix of small glass beads where you get a good mix of Miyuki Delica and rocailles, Preciosa Seed Beads and buggles in our own delicious mix .

What pearls can you knit?

When you want to knit with pearls, it is essential that your yarn can get through the hole on the pearl. That's why we have a nice little selection of large Preciosa Seed Beads With particularly large holes.

If you just can't stand beads with smaller holes, you can tie a sewing thread at the end of your yarn and thus get the beads onto the yarn. It is a bit cumbersome but can give a really nice result. Just look at Lærke Bagger's great creations.

A good advice from here is to go around coated beads for knitting projects as they lose the coating (color) and the knitting project may therefore look a little sad and colorless.

Knit with beads must be cleaned, not washed. Lærke Bagger recommends that you find a dry cleaning that is used to dealing with Indian and Pakistani clothing, as they are often very pearl -studded. Have fun with your knit with pearls! 


Why is it cool with mixed pearls?

Mixed are pearls are cool because you get a wide selection of pearls. It can be good if you only need a few of each kind of pearl but you can also make the coolest jewelry with these pearl.

You can make abdominal chain with elastic cord, necklaces and bracelets with our necklace kits and one Flat pliers Or some nice earrings with a very cool touch of chance.