Steel bracelets

Looking for a new bracelet, made of steel? Fortunately, you've come to the right place if you're crazy about solid steel bracelets. Take a look at the options and put your favorites aside. You find both Plain and oxidized steel.

Steel bracelets have a very special raw look and a shelf life out of the ordinary. Steel is a hard metal and so it continues to look like when it was bought. It is a delicious advantage of steel jewelry.

Bracelets for men

Our range of steel bracelets is unisex and they can therefore be used by both men and women. Maybe you're looking for a personal and stylish gift for a man you love. Then a steel bracelet is an obvious idea. Here you get a bracelet that both is masculine and extremely elegant. Our various men's bracelets are carefully selected for the purpose of giving every man the opportunity to put a personal touch on his style.

Elegant quality with steel bracelets

Our steel bracelets are made of high quality and with a high detail. These are bracelets that you can wear for any occasion, and they are easy to combine with very different kinds of clothing. Therefore, you get a versatile bracelet in the drawer when you go for a steel bracelet. Take a closer look at our different models and put them in the basket that would go perfectly to your style. You can also take a look at our many others Bracelet here.

What size bracelet should I use?

It is crucial that your bracelet has the right size. If it's too short - yes, it gives itself, then it's useless. If the bracelet is too far, there is a risk of hanging on everything, such as door handles, details on bags and other things. It is also quite annoying to sit and work at computer if you have a too long bracelet on, because it will constantly bother the lower part of the palm, especially if the bracelet is chunky.

Bracelets in steel, beads and more

Here Beadhouse we have many beautiful articles in stock. It's much more than just bracelets we can offer you. If you are fond of pearls, then we have an impressive selection that you can use to make your own jewelry. Find some exciting things and order them home with your new steel bracelet. But you just get a warning from here; We have a lot of great things so you can sit back and take your time when you see our range through.