Jump rings

Our selection of boxes is carefully selected to meet different needs and styles in jewelry making.

Make your jewelry projects even more special with our witches.

Why are wedgers important?

Jump rings are often important components when making a piece of jewelry. They tie the parts together and make it possible to lock on their chain or to get pendants to dangle from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and ankle chains.

You can find open and closed boxes of different sizes of sterling silver, gilded sterling silver, gilded and silver -plated brass in our range here on the site. Should you use a lock for your jump ring, can you find it here.


Which jump ring Do you need?

It is basically a good idea to buy woolen in a material that corresponds to the other loose parts you use for your jewelry design. In this way, they age the same and it is nicest, no matter what material you choose to use.

When choosing a wedding, it is important to consider what to use. If you need to use wedging to put small pendants on a chain, use small, open boxes While you need closed boxes if you need to work with locks and jump ring along with a relatively thin thread.

Also consider the size and shape of your wedgings. Should the egg be a visible part of the jewelry or should it preferably be as invisible as possible? If you need to use a jump ring To put a pendant on a thin chain, the oval wedges are best. Through your next handmade jewelry and make sure you always have a stock of this little indispensable loose.


How do you open and close wedding?

It is important to maintain the tension of the metal in the archipelago in order to keep it shape and strengthen as much as possible. Therefore, there is a special method to use to mount the witches on jewelry.

You will need two flat rides, one for each side of the opening opening. Hold the box firmly with a flat tong on each side of the opening opening and make a movement where you twist one hand forward while keeping the other at rest.

Only open as much as needed, again to preserve the tension of the metal. When you need to close the egg again, make the same movement, just towards yourself. Hold the elbows to the body. It will help you have full control over your arm movements.

Make sure the two ends meet perfectly. Sometimes you need to wiggle gently back and forth with the two ends on the box to make them meet exactly. The more accurate you are in this, the better the box.


All for jewelry gathered right here at Beadhouse.dk

Although the usability of the wedding is large, they cannot stand alone. For jewelry making you need different Loose parts and pearls As well as the necessary tools for you to get to the finish. And just that we offer here at Beadhouse.dk, where we have collected everything for the manufacture of jewelry.

See the selection of boxes here on the site and find inspiration in our range so you can let creativity unfold.