How long should the necklace be?

Should you buy a necklace for yourself or someone else and have doubts about how long it should be. In this blog we will try to help you for the right purchase.


How should the necklace sit?

Think about how you want the necklace to sit on the neck. If you want it to be very visible even with no cutting in the blouse, go for a very short necklace that can be seen, even with a T-shirt or sweatshirt on. A short necklace will most often be 40 cm for women and 45 cm for men. If you would like to be able to hide your necklace under your clothes, you can buy a middle length that is 45 cm for women and 50 cm for men. If you want to take advantage of a cut in your clothes or just think long necklaces are cool, you can buy Necklaces that are up to 70 cm long.


Necklaces in 45 and 50 cm

The model has a 45 cm necklace and two necklaces measuring 50 cm.


Here the model has our Extra chunky armor facet necklace, of gilded sterling silver, of 45, 50 and 55 cm. 



Do you need pendants on?

When you put a pendant on a necklace, it can change the shape of the necklace from a arc shape to a V-shape. This also means that the tip of the V, which faces downwards, hangs further down than the necklace would do without pendants.

This is relevant and important when you need to style your necklaces where you stack them, ie use more at once. Build your look with necklaces of several lengths, with or without pendant on.

If you are missing out on your necklace we have a lot of here.


Test you forward!

If you are still in doubt about what length you need, you can take another necklace, or two necklaces put together and try in front of the mirror what is right for you.

In the absence of better, a simple string can also be used for this visual test, you just have to take into account the chain and pearl chain falling differently than a string.

You can get our necklaces in several lengths. Our sterling silver and gilded sterling silver necklaces are available in 40, 45, 50 and individuals in 60 cm. Other necklaces are available from 37-90 cm. Find our large selection of great necklaces here.

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