Jewelry care

We would like to your Beadhouse Jewelry lasts as long as possible. How long they last will vary, according to what quality you bought our jewelry in and how to use them.

We have many qualities of jewelry and it will always be reflected in the price what quality you buy from us. Although we generally have good prices both On our jewelry in sterling silver and gilded sterling silver, you can get a piece of jewelry for less than 50 kr of silver -plated or gilded brass.

Below you will find some tips on how to keep your jewelry neat as long as possible.


Storage of jewelry

The best way to store your jewelry is in a closed box or in a shrine. In that way you limit both the humidity and how dusty they become. You can put the small silicaposes that you often get when buying bags and shoes, into the box and they will help keep the air dry around the jewelry.

The more separated the jewelry lies, the better, as they do not lie and rub on each other.


Care of sterling silver

Sterling silver can oxidize and become boring to look at, especially if it just lies and is not used. When wearing jewelry of sterling silver, the actual use of them and the touch with skin and textiles will make sure to keep them neat.

If you have been down to the bottom of your jewelry box and have found some old silver jewelry you really want to use, but think they just look too spotted and dark and meager, then they can usually be saved anyway. There are some different easy methods you can use to save your jewelry of sterling silver:

Method 1

Buy a silver plaster cloth which is a soft cloth impregnated with silver plaster. It is really good and can really make a difference for your old spotted silver. A silver plaster cloth lasts really long and even when it starts to look gray black it is still effective.

It is used by rubbing the silver with the cloth so it is easy to use. Avoid rubbing on stones in the jewelry as they can get matte of too much silver plaster.

Method 2

If you have a piece of jewelry with many details where it is difficult to reach in with the silver plaster cloth, you can use an old housewife advice with these ingredients:

  • A small bowl lined with silver paper
  • Baking soda
  • Boiling water

Put your jewelry in the bowl that is lined with silver paper and pour a spoonful of baking powder and top with boiling water. Fill a spoonful of baking powder and leave it for a quarter of an hour. Pick up the jewelry, rinse them in cold water and dry them from water with a soft cloth.


Now your silver jewelry should be a lot cleaner than before.

These two methods can get the brilliance back in your silver jewelry again!

Be aware that a few people's body chemistry can affect the silver, so it becomes black/oxidized immediately. It's not something you know much about or can remedy. So to you out there whose jewelry of sterling silver quickly becomes oxidized; You have to get used to it and possibly have a silver plaster cloth in the back pocket/women's bag or use other jewelry, steel, brass or gold.

If your silver jewelry is scratched, the two described methods cannot remedy the problem as these are methods of surface cleaning the jewelry. Visible scratches are usually deeper than in the surface and it is therefore necessary to have the jewelry back up with your local jeweler …… or live with the scratches and take them as a sign of loving use of the jewelry.


 Care of gilded sterling silver

Gold -plated sterling silver jewelry is great with their golden glow. Unfortunately, this glow has a limited life, as the gold is a coating that no matter how thick it is will be worn off over time. You can choose to have the jewelry gilded again or use them so much that all the sterling silver under the gold surface emerges.

To extend the life of your jewelry of gilded sterling silver, it is best to take off finger rings when you wash your hands and take all the jewelry of gilded sterling silver when you practice sports when you bathe and when you sleep. The gilding is worn off by touch with skin, clothing and other jewelry. Therefore, you will find that gilded earrings last longer than gilded finger rings.

IN Beadhouse Do we do something out of our jewelry of gilded sterling silver. The durability of the gold pavement is a high priority. That's why we get all the hoops and finger rings home in sterling silver, after which they are sent to a local gilded. In this way, we have control that the quality of the gold paving on all our hoops and finger rings of gilded sterling silver is top notch. Because life is too short for bad gilding!

NOTE! Never use plaster on gilded sterling silver as it will help to wear off the gold pavement.


Care of gilded and silver -plated brass

When buying jewelry of gilded or silver -plated brass, you must be aware that it is jewelry whose surface and brilliance have a limited life. They can last 1-2 seasons, sometimes a little more, but they usually have a relatively thin coating of silver or gold.

Always take off your jewelry of gilded or silver -plated brass when you bathe as the brass responds chemically with the water and can turn reddish.

If your jewelry of gilded or silver -plated brass has become very dirty with dust and sweat, you can put them in lukewarm water and gently scrub them with a soft toothbrush. Rinse them in clean water and dry them with a soft cloth.


Care of freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are of organic matter and therefore do not withstand perfume, hair spray and other chemistry. Touching with these makes the beads matte in the surface. Therefore, put on your freshwater pearl earrings after you put the hairstyle and use the perfume somewhere on the neck that does not come into contact with the freshwater pearls.

If your freshwater pearls have been exposed to a little dust and sweat, they can be put in a bowl of lukewarm water, gently brushed with a soft, new toothbrush and then wipe off with a soft cloth.

If the freshwater pearls are tied on a leash with nodes in between, which have become slightly gray and cuddled it is necessary to get the jewelry tilted with a new, fine string.


Care of gemstones

Jewelry is mineral material. The colors of the stones appear due to special geological and chemical conditions. All stones have small visible or not visible cracks and can still be affected by chemistry from the outside.

Therefore, jewelry with jewelry stones is best in hot water, possibly. added a little dishwashing soap. If necessary, gently scrub the stones with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to enter the back of the stone if it sits in a finger ring. There can be soap, dirt and dirt, which prevents the stone from beaming if it is transparent rinse them and wipe them off with a soft cloth.

Please note that opals must be cleaned with distilled water and that amber and coral are not gemstones and must be treated in a different way.

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