DIY jewelry of elastic thread

Jewelry, especially bracelets, of elastic wire can be really smart. They are easy to get on and off and are therefore really good for children, the elderly and others who either cannot or do not bother to handle small locks.

Many have experiences with elastic jewelry that suddenly pops up, but that is afforded. Read here how to make a necklace or bracelet with elastic that can last for several years.


You need to use:
  • Pearls. Possibly one bead with a slightly larger hole where you can hide your knot in.
  • Elastic wire that fits your pearls' holes. Use an elastic wire that is as thick as possible or pull it twice through your beads.
  • Possibly. a needle. If the elastic wire is thick, it may be a good idea to try to avoid using needle, as the elastic wire will then be double and thus 'lack of space' can occur in the pearl holes. You can advantageously iron a thin layer of colored nail polish or a little super glue on the tip of the elastic thread. It makes it more visible and slightly stiffer, making it easier to pull the beads on. Be careful that the layer does not become too thick as it can result in the thread no longer getting into the beads.
  • Superglim
  • A small piece of cardboard
  • A pin


Here's how you do it:

1. Cut a piece of elastic that is approx. 10 cm longer than the length of the jewelry you want to make. You can also work with the elastic directly from the thread coil.

2. Stretch the elastic a few times by pulling at each end.

3. If you have cut off a piece of elastic from your coil with elastic wire, it is a good idea to tie a small bead at one end of the thread that stops so that your beads do not smoke at the other end.

4. Pull the desired beads on the elastic thread. If you have chosen to use a pearl with a large huli, to hide your knot, start or end with it.

5. Tie a regular knot with the two ends and pull moderately.


6. Tie another knot on top of the first one. This time, make a 'surgeon knot'. You do this by turning the cord twice around the other.


7. Press a little super glue out onto a piece of cardboard. Use the pin to pick up a small drop of glue with and place it directly on the knot.

8. Allow the glue to dry and cut the ends of the elastic wire, close to the knot.



Now it is only the imagination that sets the limit of what you can create from beautiful jewelry of elastic thread. Really happy with it!


Note that elastic wire over time becomes tender. If you find the thread losing the elasticity, you may want to put a new elastic thread in your jewelry. However, your elastic jewelry, depending on use, will be able to last for several years.



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