Bracelet of sterling silver

Here you will find our large selection of silver bracelets for men and women. We carry a wealth of styles - including snake bracelets, cordel bracelets, armor facet, anchor chain and Figaro.

We are proud to have bracelets in certified recycling silver from our own Spanish supplier. They are all marked with 925, for sterling silver and our own BOC piston.


Classic and elegant silver bracelets

One of the great things about silver is that it has a simplicity and elegance over it that dresses pretty much everyone. Silver jewelry is now commonplace, and most of all we choose jewelry according to what color they have. If you are into the classic, stylish and timeless jewelry, then silver is definitely a good choice for you. We get a large part of our silver and gilded silver bracelets made in high quality Spain and of certified recycling silver. They are stamped with 925 and BOC Our name stamp, which is a guarantee of high quality and low price.

In our world, silver can be worn by everyone but if you still seek some guidelines then silver fits Good for cooler skin tones, which is why many Danes have always gone with silver. If you have green or blue eyes and blonde, brown or black hair, silver will be beautiful for you. Silver fits really well with colors such as deep red, blue, pink and purple. 

What size bracelet should I use?

It is crucial that your bracelet has the right size. If it's too short - yes, it gives itself, then it's useless. If the bracelet is too far, there is a risk of hanging on everything, such as door handles, details on bags and other things. It is also quite annoying to sit and work at computer if you have a too long bracelet on, because it will constantly bother the lower part of the palm, especially if the bracelet is chunky.

Large selection of silver bracelets for any personality

Whether you are into the raw look or for the very feminine classic look, silver jewelry will compliment your personal expression. Regardless of your gender, personality or age, you can definitely find some silver bracelets on our webshop that perfectly fit you and your personal style.

With Beadhouse If we love to have a wide selection, then there is something for everyone - which is why we lead a variety of beautiful silver bracelets at good prices. We have a wealth of bracelets in silver, as you both can buy a single of or combine with other bracelets and other jewelry. If that sounds like something to you, please look at our silver bracelets here on the site or check out our large webshop range with All bracelets here.

With Beadhouse Do you also have the opportunity to follow our DIY guides on Instagram @beadhouse, if you want to make your own silver jewelry and lack some inspiration. You can always contact us at Instagram or Facebook For help.