Gold plated bracelets

With Beadhouse Do you find many variants of gilded bracelets for all occasions - both Gold -plated sterling silver bracelet, gold doublé, gilded brass etc. We carry a wealth of styles, sizes and designs so there is something for everyone and for every purse.


Beautiful and simple expression with a gold bracelet for women and men

There is something about gold. Gold has always drawn us humans, and it will continue. Gold has a truly unique quality and we have always connected the metal with great prosperity.

We get a large part of our silver and gilded silver bracelets made in high quality Spain and of certified recycling silver. They are stamped with 925 indicating that they are made of sterling silver and BOC, Our name stamp, which is a guarantee of high quality and low price.

What size bracelet should I use?

It is crucial that your bracelet has the right size. If it's too short - yes, it gives itself, then it's useless. If the bracelet is too far, there is a risk of hanging on everything, such as door handles, details on bags and other things. It is also quite annoying to sit and work at computer if you have a too long bracelet on, because it will constantly bother the lower part of the palm, especially if the bracelet is chunky.

Create a personal look with gold

With Beadhouse do we mean that all people can carry both gold, silver and everything in between. It is precisely the coolest thing about jewelry: that they help one to express themselves as you like, for the outside world. Therefore, first and foremost, you should consider whether you think the jewelry is beautiful and would suit you. If so, buy it!

If you can feel that you need to greater overview of our bracelet then we have linked to our bracelets in silver here and our entire large webshop range of bracelets of all sizes, materials and styles.

With Beadhouse Do you also have the opportunity to follow our DIY guides on Instagram @beadhouse, if you want to make your own jewelry and lack some inspiration.

-Choose between chunky armor-facet chains, herring bones, flat snake, bracelets and more