Loose parts - Miscellaneous

Here you can find our selection of slightly more specialized loose parts for jewelry making.

All that does not fit into the other categories of loose parts, but which can be indispensable for your specific project .

Our selection of loose parts

Right now we have a wide selection of Miyuki Sliders that are perfect for finishing a woven bracelet or to make fringe earrings. Keep an eye on this page as we constantly update our range.

You can find just the little special dims or detail you need to complete your jewelry.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced jewelry manufacturer, our Miyuki Sliders will help you create unique and beautiful jewelry to suit your personal style.

Make your jewelry projects even more special with our selection of Miyuki Sliders..


How to use Miyuki Sliders?

A Miyuki slider is a small rail you can run the last row of pearls into as a beautiful finish to a woven pearl bracelet.

Plan your woven pearl bracelet so you get it made in a width that fits our Miyuki sliders.

The wedgers of the slider are for locking on the jewelry. Have you been wanting to try weaving a pearl bracelet you can find Tissue here, Thread here, needles here and Glass beads here.