Pendant - Sterling silver

IN Beadhouse we have an impressive range of pendants of sterling silver. We have the heart pendant cross pendant, smileys, unicorns, mussels, tags. You name it! We have the most. Pendant of sterling silver is fine, both in the necklace or in the earrings. Put them on one of our necklaces of sterling silver, then you have the coolest piece of jewelry with a personal dispute. Only the imagination sets the limit with our beautiful pendant of sterling silver.

Find a pendant for any personality

The good thing about pendants is that you can express your personality through your necklace. If you love animals, our pendant with starfish, dolphins and butterflies is just the thing. As a music interested, the G key or headphones can adorn the neck, while you can also choose a pendant in either your own zodiac sign or the zodiac sign of someone you love. You decide whether the pendant should have a certain meaning or not, but one thing is safe; The pendant will surely put the icing on the cake.

Fill up your jewelry assembly with pendant

With pendants you can put your own mark on your style and therefore it is an advantage to have more lying in your jewelry collection. That way you can always replace the pendant in the necklace as needed. Our selection contains pendants in sterling silver shaped in everything from simple hearts, rings and round tags to more distinctive pendants shaped like crosses, clams and drops.

Shop pendant to both you and your nearest

The selection of pendants here at Beadhouse abounds with choices. Buy your favorite pendant in sterling silver for yourself, or surprise someone you love with a pendant that will have a special meaning for him.


Explore the selection of pendants in sterling silver here on the site and find the pendant for your favorite chain. Alternatively you can take a look at the selection of gilded pendants, or see an overall overview of all of our pendants here.